the house

8 o’clock at night , I was walking down the street when I noticed something. It was a house. I’ve walked down this street hundreds of times yet never seen this house before. You know those haunted houses at the show? This would be perfect for that. There was a wonky sign on the front veranda that read: “do not enter… or else”,¬†on it.

I went to the front door and knocked, nothing happened, I knocked again. The door slowly creaked open. I went inside. This is creepy, I thought, I went back outside,”why are we flying!?”, I screamed, I slipped. I’m trying to hold on!, I shouted.

the zombie blob fish

Eeww! is that a blob fish? it doesn’t look right, wait, huh, aarrrggghhh!!

mutant blob fish! said john in time with the TV. last time on mutant blob fish, went the TV, the legendary blob fish hunter, stinger van blob has disappeared from the world. no one knows where he has gone but i reckon he does.

“grunt” went something on the top of a mountain it was mt Kosciusko in Australia. was that a yeti asked some one. the climbers scatted, it was big it was white, it was…….. stinger van blob.

“what in the world are you doing here” some one exclaimed. “huh, what i’m on my summer holiday, i just can’t stand the heat back home” he explained. “what!!!” every one screamed, “the world is under attack by mutant blob fish. “what!!, that’s worse than the mutant guinea pig attack back in 1994!!”

so he set of home, after a few signatures….. not. it was a LOT of signatures. so long story short he set of, then got eaten by a mutant blob fish the end.

until the magical stinger van blob jr to the rescue, will he save the day, or get eaten that is the question.

The Forest

“How did I get here”, I shouted at the top of my lungs. no one replied, it was dark, it was scary, it was a forest, it was night and i was lost. I ran with out knowing where I was going. splat! went my bones as I hit something. I hit something HARD. what was that i thought. “I’ll tell you what that was” a groaning voice said from the darkness. “who said that” I whispered in to the darkness all around me. then I noticed something on a tree, “is that a doorbell?” I pressed it and fell.

the zoo

one beautiful day Henry and his sister decided to go to the zoo. well Henry decided, his sister went meh! and went along. first up they went to see the hippos, yay! fat hippos, said Henry, meh! said his sister. why is there pink pigs in the zoo? said Henry, because they are pink, every one loves pink…. not!, said his sister. I want to go see the rhinos, said Henry. OK, grumped his sister, but when they got there they couldn’t see anything it was so dusty! AAAAAHHHHH! screamed someone, stampede! Henry froze the word rang through his ears.

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