The Investigators

there was once an old house that mysteriously disappeared. was it demolished or did it blow of that cliff that it was perched upon? the only thing left was an old rocking chair slightly swaying in the wind, No one knew where it went, except one little creature that saw the thing disappear like a leaf in the sky or a card board box caught in the wind. Some investigators came to have a look around at what was left.

“there’s nothing left except that old rocking chair and that racoon over there”, said one man,

“yeah, we should just leave there’s nothing to do here”, said the other.


2 Thoughts.

  1. Hi Evan
    What a wonderful story! I liked the use of the words’demolished’ and ‘perched’. The story looks really nice too, I mean the font etc is very appealing and makes it look like it was taken as an extract from a book. Great story!
    Mrs O Sullivan.

  2. Hi Evan,

    A superb story this week, I was truly moved by your writing. You created a gripping atmosphere and I loved the lingering sense of unknown you left your reader with.

    My wish would be for you to focus on improving your punctuation. Capital letters at the start of each sentence should be very easy to do. Reading your story aloud to a partner with as much expression as you can will help you identify the spots where you need to add full stops and/or commas.

    Keep up the wonderful work! What a treat!

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