The Rover

An old rover bounced along an African road in search for the rare talking elephant that only lived in the most remote parts of Africa. Only three have ever been discovered, all at one location that the rover had just pulled over to. No one knew why they were all found here. Will these very enthusiastic scientists find this rare animal?

Later, the ground started to shake as an animal charged towards the scientists, and turned around with just enough time to leap out of the way. Then the elephant delivered his speech,” finally, people, nobody has been here for ages!”

1 Thought.

  1. I love the concept of a speech making elephant and especially one who wants to be recognised. You have placed it perfectly in a remote part of Africa Liam. I can only imagine how surprised the scientists, (not any old scientists, but ENTHUSIASTIC scientists 🙂 would be.
    Thanks for sharing this week,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Zealand

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